Check The New Version of the Chinese Visa 2023

“How long can I stay in China?”

“Which day will my visa expire?”

“How long can I stay in China after renewing my visa?”

From daily immigration border inspection work, the immigration officers say that some foreigners often misjudge the validity period of the Chinese visa or the period of stay, and accidentally became illegal residents in China. So, Let’s take a look at how to calculate the validity period and the duration of stay with a Chinese visa!

What are the Validity Period and the Duration of Each Stay on your visa?

Validity period

When you can enter. Not how long you can stay 

(“enter before”/”expiry date”) refers to the valid period for the visa holder to enter the country. Not indicated by the issuing authority, the visa shall be valid from the date of issuance and shall expire at 24:00 Beijing time on the expiration date.

Duration of Each Stay

How long you can be in China after arriving 

It refers to how long the holder is allowed to stay after every entry, starting from the next day of the entry. The duration time starts at 12 am-midnight of the day you arrived. Your duration time begins your first whole day in China.


1.Visa Issued Overseas

*This is the new version of the Chinese visa. Commissioned by China embassy, Consulate or The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is issued overseas.

Validity period

From December 18, 2017, to  March 18, 2018, you can enter China on the day of issuance (December 18).

Duration of Each Stay

30 days. For example, if you enter China on March 18, 2018, the stay period of time will start from March 19th. You will need to leave China after 30 days- before April 17, at 24:00.

2.Visa Issued in China

*This visa is issued by the PSB at or above the county level in Mainland China.

Validity period

From July 1, 2013, to December 30, 2013, at 24:00.

Duration of Each Stay

Should pay attention to the information on remarks column, the specific situation is slightly different, take this visa as an example:

  1.  One can stay until July 15, 2013 for the first time;
  2. With this visa for the second re-entry, the person can stay for 30 days!

3. Issued in China after Arrival

*Residence Permit

Validity period and Duration of Each Stay are the same for Residence Permit. The Residence permit holder can enter and leave China many times.

4.Green Card Issued in China

*Foreign Permanent Residence (Green Card)

Foreigners holding permanent resident ID cards are not restricted from staying in China. But remember to renew it within one month before its expiration.


If it is a short-term Chinese visa, the holder can enter China from the date of issuance of the visa, and the stay period begins to calculate on the second day after entry.

If you are a residence permit or a permanent residence permit holder, you only need to pay attention to the validity period, and you can enter and leave China at any time during the validity period.

Reference and Images: 国家移民管理局 || hitouch

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