Applying for Work Permit Without Leaving China!

According to Chinese law, foreigners must apply for a work visa when they are employed in China. The process of applying for a work visa for foreigners is rather complicated. If you are already in China, one thing you may be concern about is that before applying for a work visa, should you have to leave China for the work permit application?

The answer is: not necessarily!

The reason is that entry and exit regulations of the Foreign Experts Bureau and the Public Security Bureau have varied between cities. At present, Foreigners in Shanghai and Guangdong can apply for China work permit without leaving China. In some cities, such as Chengdu, only reunion visas or Class A foreigners can apply for the work permit in mainland China.

We recommend that applicants should consult with the local Foreign Experts Bureau and the Public Security Bureau before starting the work permit application.

Last but not least, after completing the process for the work visa, dont’ forget to go to the police station to apply for the Temporary Residence Registration Form within 24 hours, and then continue to apply for the Foreigner Work Permit Card and the Residence Permit!

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