How to Find out If I Can Return to China after Overstay?

There is a blacklist for visitors who overstayed their visa. Being in the blacklist You are most likely to receive a life-long ban(or at least 10 years) to enter China again. Once you’ve been denied a visa, you’re on something of a blacklist, or at least a grey one.

Although the punishments described below vary in severity, overstaying your visa at all may jeopardize any future visa applications. In most cases, you will get a written warning saying that you cannot overstay your visa again within a given period of time.

There is no “grace period”

According to the current policy, there is no grace period for illegal aliens overstaying in China, so overstaying your visa is not recommended. However, if you have overstayed your China visa for only one or two days, go to the exit and entry administration of the local PSB (Public Security Bureau) to apologize and explain the reasons. In this case, you might not need to pay the fine.

If you find yourself in this situation while trying to exit China the border officials’ reaction may be anything from giving you a telling-off and letting you go, to asking a few questions, to even denying you passage until you pay a fine.

If you’re not on your way out of the country when you discover your situation, you should go straight to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, where officials will interview you and ask you to sign a written statement (basically declaring that you have been very foolish). You may have to pay a fine at this point, although if this is your first offence it is possible that you will be sent on your way with an order to sort out your visa situation and not to make the same mistake again.

Unfortunately, exactly what will happen is difficult to say, and there are no guarantees that overstaying by just a small amount of time won’t have some kind of negative effect.

Being fined

Foreigners overstaying the visa or residence permit for a short period will be given a warning and be required to pay a fine. Usually, the penalty is CNY500 per day not to exceed CNY10,000.
If one overstays the visa for a significant period, usually over one month, he might be put into a detention camp for 5 to 15 days and repatriated to his home country. It’s possible he will be blacklisted, which will affect his re-entry to China, and he may be prohibited from entering the country for ten years. In addition to this, it might also influence one’s visa application for other countries.

You may also be given an official letter of warning. This means you have been placed on a two-year probationary period. You shouldn’t have any problems applying for or renewing visas during this period, but if you overstay again you may be blacklisted.

Your embassy or consulate is unlikely to be willing to intervene on your behalf in any dispute over staying in China on an expired visa. However, in extreme cases it is worth trying to talk to them anyway – they may at least be able to offer you a specific route out of your situation. In most cases, though, it’s up to you to know when your visa will expire and to deal with the consequences.

How to find out if I can return to China after overstaying?

when you apply for any kind of visa for China, you will know it by applying for your visa. If you’re unsure because of whatever, just go to China’s embassy or the official Visa centre and be honest to ask.

China will not blacklist you unless you have some criminal record in China, you are affiliated to any criminal/terrorist organizations, lied on your application for a visa or if it has reason to believe you may be a threat to its national security.

You can try applying to the local consulate office of the People’s Republic of China and see what is the outcome.

How Do I Prevent unintentional overstaying in China?

In order to prevent unintentional overstaying, you should remember your date of entering the country and the length of your visa. Moreover, you should learn how to calculate the stay length. Understanding that the stay length is counted from the next day is critical to prevent overstaying in China unintentionally. In addition, if you want to stay longer, you can apply for an extension 7 days before your visa expires.


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